Why US

Why Us? Reliable, Powerful and Logical Reasons to Select Us for Your Fund Management Needs

  1. Our trading system is based on 16 years of mathematical researches and advanced statistical solutions. By exercising the world’s best financial strategies from many years, we have reached the most reliable and excellent stage of trading.
  1. We do offer independent third party results for verification of our trading expertise. Normally, we update our results regularly to keep you updated. You can subscribe at www.TopFundManagers.com to receive latest results on weekly or monthly basis along with the fund manager summary. There are very rare traders who offer independent 3rd party’s results for verification. Nevertheless, we never hesitate to do this, because we are confident on our real and consistent performance.
  2. Our money management policy is very strict and safe. We do not rest our beliefs on speculations. Therefore, we do not add lot size in case of drawdown more than 3% of the account value per trade. It is recognized as most mature, skilled & professional approach of fund management.
  3. Our trading system is developed by PhD level mathematicians, who are highly experts in historical market statistics to calculate the scientific probabilities of future numeric with advanced 82 diversified formulas.
  4. Comport with our trading system, per trade profit potential is 6% of the account and per trade risk is 3% of the account and overall risk is just 30-35%.  Furthermore, we regularly maintain new earned profits each month. We are proud to state that we are successful 10 months out of 12 months in a whole year.
  5. Our trading approach is based on 100% fixed logic. We do not follow any traditional ways, like fundamentals and technical analyses. The analyses that are most commonly used are unable to produce the returns consistently. Contrarily, our trading system is intelligently unique, completely different and profoundly precise. It is because; our trading system is made by our PhD level specialists, who have applied their years of expertise in formulating this formula for us.
  6. We completely and entirely ignore predictions, assumptions and guess works. Our formula is based on mathematical realities, like nobody can deny 2+2=4.
  7. We are empowered with top fortunate companies of the world for reliable financial facts of the market and industry updates.
  8. We are always encouraged to arrange workshops to vis-à-vis discuss details of investment and fund management issues with potential clients and investment companies.
  9. www.TopFundManagers.com offers free trial and provides access to watch the performance by screen sharing, which is the most perfect and authentic way to check any fund manager without the possibility of any error or doubt.