Why You Should Join Managed Accounts?

What is Managed Account

Managed account is a type of investment account that is operated with the reputed licensed broker under the ownership of the client. The client enjoys the benefits of expertise, research, experience and financial abilities of any fund manager by giving him a limited power of attorney (LPOA) to make him allow to execute the trades in his account. This limited power of attorney can be cancelled anytime if client does not like the trading results from the fund manager. This is the most safe and secure way of fund management in which client has complete & full control.
According to the agreement between the client and the fund manager, the client pays performance fee at the end of each month if new gains are earned in any particular month. In case, account does not grow in any month then performance fee is not paid able until the account will touch new higher gains. This is said as highwater mark policy

Why Managed Account & Benefits

  1. 100% transparent, client funds cannot be accessed by any third party except the client
  2. Competitive fee structure, no hidden costs.
  3. No upfront or joining fee, only net profits share is payable at the end of the month in case of new gains.
  4. No management fee.
  5. Client can access broker status report of the account at any time.
  6. Client account is always held with the reputed licensed broker authorized by Governmental institutions
  7. www.TopFundManagers.com does not accept and hold any type of fund deposits and only act as a fund manager by limited power of attorney which can be cancelled anytime if the client feels uncomfortable at any stage
  8. Global network of forex/commodities/metals managed accounts with time tested proven record
  9. Dedicated to achieve consistent returns with banking approach of fund management strategies
  10. Profit potential in both directions due to diversified handling of market move from all sides
  11. Mathematical fixed logic strategy by strict discipline and highest level of fund management criteria
  12. Liquidity of assets – money can be withdrawn at any time like a bank account. There is no restriction of time and conditions to withdraw the entire funds

Main Benefits of fund management with us

  1. Practical possibility of earning 10-15% profits per month with low historical drawdown. There are many traders who claim bigger profit figures but you should never forget to check critical and top standards of fund management. www.TopFundManagers.com has set the world most reliable and tough criteria to check the reliability of any fund manager worldwide. Most authentic approach to check the reliability of any fund manager is the trading statement of the reputed broker which should be 3rd party verified and fund manager should never hesitate to show it if he is real and genuine performer
  1. We never assume, predict or forecast the market; our logic is mathematical & statistical, free from emotions and errors because it is checked and verified historically and currently as well
  1. Verified fixed logic mathematical formulas cover both directions, either up or down because for each type of the market move there is a detective logic in our system
  1. Your investment can grow professionally from trillion dollars industry. Four to five trillion dollars are transacted on daily basis in this financial industry and you can be a part of it
  1. Vision of the PhD level mathematician trading team having deep insight experience and perfections of the financial sector
  1. You can monitor your investment activity in any second of the day to take the possible decisions which suits you
  1. You can withdraw your entire money at any time like a current bank account
  1. You can also get benefits and participate from the individual retirement (IRA)
  1. www.TopFundManagers.com accepts minimum 10000$ to setup a managed account by reputed licensed broker under your own name and ownership