Strategy Rules

Important Rules to Apply Strategy in Stock/Commodities/Forex Trading 


Rule 1. Strictly follow whole stock selection or sector wise stock selection. We don’t recommend any single stock to rely. Our stock basket has many diversified approaches.

Rule2. Buy recommended stocks at suggested prices; never look cheaper prices because most of the time good trades are missed by this way

Rule 3. Entry and exit should be according to plan. Avoid taking temporary profits and do not make re-entry again and again. By this way you may miss long profitable trade

Rule 4. Buy right quantity as mentioned in file. Do not buy more or less. Keeping right quantity ratio is very crucial

Rule 5. Don’t add or subtract stocks in final selection, don’t put your own preference because we cover more than 80 stocks and final selection contains around 10-15. If any stock is not in final selection then it’s due to some reasons in research. So strictly follow what is suggested and do not make your own selection within the selection.

Rule 6. Please do not ask for any suggestion on those stocks which are not in selection. In case you ask, my reply would be “ NO COMMENT” and accept it happily.

Rule 7. Please don’t interrupt by asking same things again and again. Quantity, stock name, entry price, stop loss and take profits are already added to update and aware you fully. Once all these things are clear then don’t ask unnecessarily.

Rule 8. We strictly open and close trades at file mentioned rates, and in rare cases send an update to close trades in an emergency. Until stop loss or take profit is not hit, don’t ask, either any particular trade should be closed or not or when to close while everything is clear in suggested file.

Rule 9. Keep closely in contact for any update or new announcement.