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Note: We still provide signal service but only to institutional clients and investment companies based on some conditions of profit sharing

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Fist of all you should seriously consider our performance on main home page. That performance is for our managed account service but same results can be gained through our signal service subscription. Normally we trade Gold, Crude Oil and British Pond. Following are the packages which you can start towards professional and mature trading profits.

PHD Level Mathematical Fixed Logic Formula Produce More Than 10-20% Each Month For You

Our continuous results per month are more than 20% since many years and we apply strictly fixed logic solution on market behaves. We don’t believe any technical and fundamental analysis. We have created our own mathematical system. Not only we understand market tactics but apply our digit politics on market politics. The core and root cause of our success is that we don’t predict and forecast or assume anything in market. We only and only follow numerical calculations of both directions either up or down and try to gain in both market directions.

How This Service Works?

According to trading room you choose subscription page, you will receive on a daily basis real time trading signal by email or by SMS. At the same time we send through email and SMS.

Once trade entered we monitor the trade in real time, sending you through Skype, online platform or email trade call.

According to our strategy we send averagely three trades per day. Timing for these trades are not fixed. Just you have to spend few minutes to enter our orders and wait for next trades.

At times there may be more alerts than other times, especially when the Forex market is active between the open of the European and mid-day of the U.S. session.

These trade calls will be monitored in real time: any changes in TP, Stop Loss, or immediate exit (on profit or loss) will be monitored on email and SMS

Trade call sample

Normally we keep one trade active for each instrument and place two pending orders. Two pending orders are created for up and down direction of the market.

Each trade of GOLD is based on 10 main points. We always place stop and limit equally at the difference of ten points. For example

We bought Gold at the rate 1080 and our stop will be 1070 and limit will be 1090.  When market will hit limit then current trade will be executed and one pending order will be automatically active and remaining pending order will be deleted. According to new active trade two more pending orders will be created.

Active trade:   Buy Gold at 1080  stop 1070 limit 1090

Pending order1: Stop Buy at 1090 with stop 1080 and limit 1090

Pending order2: Limit Buy at 1070 with stop 1060 and limit 1080

Above scenario will be repeated after 10 points move either up or down. For British Pond and Crude oil we trade with the interval of 100 points. Mean to say we take stop and limit at 100 points distance and procedure is same as you read above.

Benefits from

Our online Forecast service is different than any other similar services offered online.
The benefits of using our services are as follows:

We are covering 3 major instruments GOLD, Crude Oil and British Pond

You don’t prepare any strategy plan for the day trading. We make all that and send it to you.

You can stay at the comfort of your office or home and wait for our entry and exit signals to start trading, with data where to Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) for your order.

Your will receive instant information about trade changes (sl, tp, exit) according to market changes

You will receive urgent news connected with information for the new forex movements and new forex changes during the trading day.

Our analysis are the most competitive and contemporary, based on tens of mathematical indicators carefully studied in periods of 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30

minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours and 1 day graphics.

You will receive all that information directly to your email address & SMS at the very moment.

You can chose to receive the entry and exit signals, the breaking news and the urgent news directly to your email.

You can ask your questions for online forex help and advices.

All our services are offered at the lowest prices compared with the other online forex services. May be your felt it expensive but we deliver each month more than 20% of your account size regularly. Its major difference and traders love to pay us happily.

Traders Love to Pay Us Because We Produce More Than 20% PM For them

For first three days will be spent on your training about how to use our service but after subscription. Your subscription time will start after three day training. For any support and help please don’t hesitate to contact us

NOTE: Please Contact before subscribing to get latest updates about signal service

Questions & Answers Regarding Signal Service….

What do we trade?

We trade 6 major currency pairs EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CAD. Occasionally, we trade crosses of these currencies like EUR/CHF, AUD/JPY, EUR/GBP ……

How do we communicate our trade signals?

We issue our daily master trade plan according to market move. This master plan includes trade entry trigger, initial stoploss and target levels. It is then updated where necessary during the day. In a very specific market condition we will give orders to be implemented immediately but this is a rare occasion. In most cases we issue our signals well in advance and update you when we enter and exit them. Our trades are distributed to subscribers through email &SMS.

How often do we trade?

It depends on the market move but we issue our entry levels nearly every morning and in average, we get in to 15 trades a week. We always trade with 10 points interval of GOLD and 100 points interval of Crude Oil and British Pond.

How long do you need to spend at your trading desk?

Average 20mins a day are needed to place orders. We spend the whole day monitoring so that you don’t have to spend your precious time. We inform you of any strategy, stop/target level changes immediately through SMS & Email and your duty is to just place that given trades orders.

What amount of money do I need in my trading account?

This is a very important reading for any trader regardless of you deciding to go with our service or not. Please read this carefully. It took us years to perfect the risk management and this is one of the backbones of our system that many signal providers don’t go into in detail so as not to frighten potential customers.

You need to start with $10000 and our risk is just for averagely three months due to high gain. normally you gain more than 20% each month and after just three months you will have gain of $9000 or almost full basic invested amount. Maximum after four months there will be no risk due to gain during this period. Later you can enjoy profits from generated profits and there will be no fear of losing money for ever.

How much money should I expect to make?

Some statistics first;

– Our performance for the last 3 years is 3200 pips/month.

– We closed total of 4 months out of 40 months in loss, 36 of them in profit.

– Our max drawdown in the last year was 2752pips (frightened? This is way less than our competitors; just no one wants to advertise it).

That would make 4400$/month for a full account. Its just one month gain of our performance. However do not leave your day job depending on this income until you build enough cash to cover months in loss. Remember though your growth will be logarithmic if we keep winning; please check the sample account on the “performance” page.

What brokers data you use?

We use as our brokers and get in/out of the market based on prices which might be slightly different than other brokers but this should be insignificant as long as you don’t miss a trade or get in to a trade that we did not  by a pip or two. This happened on few rare occasions in the past.

If we have such a good system why do we share it? We could make millions for ourselves?

Banks form funds, sell bonds, why do they not keep it to themselves if they know that it will make money? More importantly why do people buy these?


People who have money to invest won’t necessarily have the knowledge and time to do it as successfully as banks and they are willing to pay a small fee to invest their money in the best way.

If their investment with the bank loses money, the investment they would make on their own would most likely lose even more.
Banks let people share their investment ideas for a small fee that will cover their research & investment overheads and mitigates their risk partially.

In our case, we believe we can lead most of the forex traders in a profitable way than they could achieve themselves and by subscribing customers, we cover our overheads and mitigate some of our risk. We do heavily invest in forex market exactly as indicated in our signals and believe this is the best way of investment for our money.

Why do we not sell our system like some other systems?

Firstly, we do not want to share the knowledge, as the logic we are using is not thought by others yet (as far as we know). Secondly, our system is quite complicated, labor intensive, and it is not easy to operate. Also hardware and peripheral software requirements are very demanding.

Finally a good system is only a part of achieving good results, it is equally important (if not more) to apply strict risk management and discipline that we enforce as a part of our service.

What is different about our service and system?

Our system is developed by professionals, fully optimized and tested (thanks to Probability-Lab) not only for profit but various other factors right down to the ulcer factor.

Our system is based on a neural network with extensive coverage of market conditions rather than a simple indicator or sets of indicators.

We give clear entry, stoploss and target levels; we do not leave anything to your discretion.

We target to trend the mid section of the moves and avoid extremes to increase winning trades, we do our best not to put your money at risk.

If a stoploss or the target hits, we strictly follow it, and do not make last second changes that would not work for you. We always give enough notice.

We do not cheat when reporting trade results, we believe honesty is the best policy.

We post actual trade results on the master trade plan daily.

We do not have long gaps without the trade as we cover most of the market conditions.

We believe risk management and trading discipline are very important and force it to the limits.