Company Legitimacy, Safety of Funds & Regulation

Safety of Funds

Do I invest with The answer is simply NO!  You do not invest with us. You only hire us as a fund manager.

Note that you do not invest with us and we do not hold your money. Moreover, we have no authority or control of deposits or withdrawals in your account at the broker. You have 100% control of your account just like a bank account.  Similarly, you can withdraw your money anytime and if you choose you can close your account at any time.  So, transparency of the fund management with us is very clear.

Where is my money kept? 

We work with, and your money is kept at, one of the leading and most respected licensed brokers in the world. These brokers have the highest level of reliability in the financial sector. Moreover, you keep your money in your own name just like a bank account.

What is the role of 

We act only as a fund manager. We assume our responsibility when you provide us the Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) to place the trades in your account. You can cancel this LPOA anytime by contacting the broker, for whatever reason you have.

How is compensated? 

Based on long, historical, mathematical research, we place trades in your account. At the end of each month, we charge 30% performance fee on your profits, plus the monthly portion of a 2%/year administrative fee. If in any month you do not make money in your trading account, we do not charge a performance fee and wait for the next profitable month until your account again reaches new profit levels. Our performance fee is paid by the broker from your account as per the defined fee structure in the agreement between us as outlined in the LPOA.