Regional Partnership

Apply Regional Partnership & Start Earning Within 30 Days

If you apply for our regional partnership and we approve your application, you can earn lucrative money each month without any single penny of risk. Simply, you will be an introducer of new clients on your behalf. We will maintain your referred clients’ accounts and will mention you as introducer in our records. At the end of each month, we will charge 25% performance fee from your introduced clients and will give you 5% of it.

Suppose, you have introduced one client who initially deposit $10,000 and make minimum 20% profit.  This means; your referred client earns $2000 of profit each month. In this case; from your referred client, we will charge our performance fee of 25% of generated profits. 25% of $2000 is $400. From $400 fee that we will earn monthly from your referred client, we will share $100 with you every month.

We have given example of 20% above but most of the time our performance is more than 20%.  This means; you have potential to earn more than above mentioned ratio.
Note: You can only make money when client makes money. Recent last three years performance shows that we only faced minor loss of 4 months out of 36 months. You can be confident for your commission almost 10 months a year due to our stability of strategy.

No. of Customers That You Introduce                            Your Potential Income

One                                                                               $100       Per Month

Five                                                                               $500       Per Month

Twenty                                                                          $2000     Per Month

Fifty                                                                              $5000     Per Month

Hundred                                                                       $10000   Per Month

Two hundred                                                               $20000   Per Month

We send money through bank transfer or western union. Please note that we can only send money to you when we receive fee of our performance from your referred client. In case: your introduced client has failed to pay, we will not be able to send your money until we will collect our fee from your introduced client.

You should expect your (if you earn), commissions around 10th of each month.
To apply for partnership, please send your request with complete profile at