How it Works?

How it Works? Step by Step Complete Guide

Step 1: Study all possible information that is given in the website regarding the Stocks/FOREX/Commodities managed accounts.

Step 2: Avail FREE Trial to keep in touch with our results and updates. We send it weekly or monthly for unlimited times. We already update live, real account statement results at if you want to avoid wastage of time in setting up an account with us, this statement of real account is sufficient and solid reference to select us.  Contrarily, you will spend plenty of time to check our performance.  You can investigate us as long as you wish.  We welcome you to do all kinds of inquiries until you reach towards complete & entire satisfaction.

Step 3: Verify our results through screen sharing that is the most accurate & authentic way of judgment.

Step 4: If you feel, realize and understand that everything is VALID, OK and ALRIGHT, you can proceed to open an account to enjoy the benefits of our financial expertise.

Step 5: When your account will be setup with one of the best top licensed broker under your own name, you will appoint us as an authorized fund manager to start the trading in your account on your behalf through Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA).

Step 6: Never forget to study the pre-account facts before commencing an account. We teach you honestly & fairly the negative and the positive aspects of trading. You can read by visiting “Pre-Facts” tab or by this link

Step 7: Once your account is commenced, we as an authorized trader will start to place the trades in your account.

Step 8: At the end of each month, we charge 25% performance fee on new generated profits. In case of temporary drawdown or no gain in any particular month, we do not charge anything. We only make money when you make money

Step 9: You can withdraw your profits each month. After 4-5 months of gain, your risk will become zero. Simply, secure your principal amount. Later, enjoy each month profits from generated profits.

NOTE: If you trust our services and do not want to waste your time, you can ignore first three steps that are only for confidence building to judge and observe our real offer.