Gain Facts

Authentic Historical Facts of Financial Gains Worldwide

1% Per Month Profit

This is banking approach. 1% profit per month can be achieved easily by fulfilling certain merits of tight risk management. Most banks worldwide earn 1% through diversified approaches of fund management.  Historically, it is good enough to maintain 1% per month. If you borrow 1 million from bank with 6% per annum and you make 12% per year, you make 100% profits per year. Normally, banks borrow millions of dollars from central bank with low interest rates and manage that fund with 1% steady and safe returns.

2% Per Month Profit

This is also banking and some private institutional investment trading approach. Making 2% per month is also quite good enough and maintainable by adjusting controlled risk factors. Most audited fund management companies apply this kind of trading. It’s quite practical to be believed and realistic. There are thousands of audited investment companies that are generating around 2% steady results from years and years and they offer 3rd party verification of the results.

3% Per Month Profit

Stock/commodities/FOREX traders adopt 3% per month profit targets. People of the financial industry know the name Warren Buffet. Warren Buffet is a famous trader who has produced 30-40% per annum, i.e., 3 % per month.  He generated these results for many and many years. Surprisingly, he was consistent to maintain these returns. Earning 3% is considered to be moderate approach of trading and it is also practical to believe as per the historical facts of fund management by many professional individuals and investment companies.

4% – 10% Per Month Profit

4-10% per month profit can be achieved if you increment risk levels more than standard level of 20%. Normally traders who earn this ratio do not share their trading system nor do they lease it. Also, they do not provide signal service. It is because; they are comfortable to earn percentage from profits that is not fixed. Contrarily, selling out their services, like signal service, gives them fixed returns that they do not like it.

If traders claim 4-10% returns and also sell signal service or they sell their trading system, this is clear sign of false money making claims that are very common on Internet. 98% of those are unverified or they only offer to show by demo accounts for a limited time. For long term they cannot prove it.

10% to 20% Per Month Profit

These returns can be earned by most professionals having 10-30 years full time financial industry experience. They make money for themselves and for others.  They have deep vision and historically proved strategies to achieve 10-20% targets with almost 30% risk. We do not know anyone who generated this level of returns by using automated systems like EAs. They use their own developed systems based on verified financial data.

20% to 30% Per Month Profit

Earning this ratio like 20-30% is exceptional to those who have control on major financial exchanges. These are the peoples who know financial data statistics, before it is released. They know live exact numbers of buyers and sellers worldwide through the statistics that are maintained at the exchanges electronically. Normally, they set the trend according to their own interests by putting paper money that is fake, virtual and documented.   They can enter with any lot size and volume to affect the market move.

30% or greater Per Month Profit

Claiming this figure of return is a simply scam/fraud. History proves that claiming 30% or more per month is totally unrealistic and no one has maintained it in long term in the past history.

These kinds of peoples sell their lies.  They are only there to take your hard earned precious assets. If you know someone or any company that claims this number 30% or higher (even they claim more than 100% per month) – by signal service, EA or by managed account, you must make sure that your money is at risk and your account can be blown out anytime. No one has ever proved this number in the history of financial industry by 3rd party verification and financial audits.

According to famous saying, “Money flows from the impatient traders to the patient traders.” This is why; it can be said that there is a way to take the money from the undisciplined and greedy traders, who always try to make quick money by speculative approach without any concept and effort. They do not understand what they are doing. Therefore, they don’t know that what can be happened negatively and positively.