Fund Management and not Predictions

We receive lots of phone calls related to know market move, so decided to write the following suggestions. Our local fellow traders and other traders worldwide ask us to suggest some good profitable trades. They all say the same question “what do you predict gold/euro (or any instrument) either it will go up or down?” this question raises some irritation for us because we really hate predictions, assumptions, guess work, emotions and feelings. If we reply their question related to guessing the market move either it will go up or down then there are two possibilities

  1. We can become hero if market will really move according to our prediction
  2. We can become zero if market will not move according to our recommendation

While we are not interested to become zero or even hero because we believe TRADING IS THE NAME OF PROCESS and not the name of predictions. Within 1-2 trades trading results could be worst and best and on the basis of 1-2 trades there should not be assumptions about reliability and authenticity of any fund manager. Most of traders try to underestimate on this basis which is very much seriously wrong way to check anyone. Suppose we do 20 trades and first 5 trades goes in loss consecutively but as a whole I gain 5% profits from overall 20 trades after deducting initial 5 loss trades then I think and believe there should be no issue because of the net gain from set of trades with pre-defined limited risk. Main purpose is to make money with lower risk. Making money and profitable trading is the name of continuous process based on 10 trades or higher. Always remember we do not increase the risk more than 3% of the account per trade which is very safe and professional way of trading.

If someone is interested to check our performance then he/she should contact us to demand REAL ACCOUNT STATEMENT which is most authentic document to verify the results. Our gains always come from set of trades like set of 10 trades or 15 or 20 like that. Within 1-2 trades we can be brilliant and as well as dead performer because 1-2 trades do not tell the exact story of fund manager. Long term consistency always comes with certain continuity of trading process. This is the reason we do not predict market for our fellows and any other interested ones. The function of management is fund management and we are not predictors. Simply come and see our 3rd party verified performance and open an account with us to take maximum benefits of our long term financial researches to build world most successful trading gains with limited controlled risk.