Fixed Logic

Why Fixed Quantitative Logic is the Only Reliable Solution to Comprehend Financial Markets Forever? Covering Definition, Background, Current & Future Challenges Under Fixed Logic to Reach Certainty & Confidence of Investment Management in Context of Historically Verified Pre-Defined Risk, Reward and Timing

Successful hint/logic to meet all trading challenges by fixed mathematical composite logic  

Note: it’s one of our most important articles to supply innovative and near to perfect hint of successful trading based on fixed logic. It can deliver meaningful results if one pays inner attention as everything is characterized by valid and clear reason.

Topic: How to transform complicated speculative markets uncertainties into certainty by fixed mathematical logic to have most reliable and pre-defined trading system covering risk, reward and time of trades

After many years of critical research to develop fixed statistical and mathematical logic, my following article can help you

  1. to set a root factor of reliable trading strategy
  2. to build a foundation to check verifiable risk/reward and timing of trades
  3. to avoid confusions and uncertainties of markets under whatsoever situation
  4. to successfully comprehend and solve forever future challenges
  5. to deal monopolist financial factors by fixed approach

I am going to point out a key element which worked, works and will work forever in stocks, commodities, currencies and indices trading. That is fixed mathematical & statistical logic which covers up, down or consolidation situations of markets.

Make it sure and nobody can ignore that

  1. Market goes up
  2. Market goes down
  3. OR Market consolidates

In entire history of trading, above three conditions are witnessed and in coming forever future these three conditions will remain fix and there is nothing any sort of something beyond that. This concept and base provides strongest foundation to construct most reliable solutions. One can adjust, balance or frame these conditions into any fixed calculational approach. Personally I have developed hundreds even thousands of approaches in last 14 years based of many diversified formulas to grasp these three conditions into pre-known set of probability where accuracy can be achieved up to 75-80% but normally it remains within 65-75%. To reach one of the finest logic you have to ignore many corrupt and biased logics and they fail during the process of historical verifications. Ultimately most reliable logic is filtered to pick for real implementation.

What is fixed mathematical & statistical composite logic?

Fixed logic in the sense of trading is something fixed, certain and unchanged. Fixed logic behaves at fixed levels of market move.

There are two types of fixation.  One is market move conversion in fixed intervals.  Second is deciding a fixed set of buy/sell combinations at different intervals based on a historical verification of trading system.

For example:  if S&P moves from 2100 to 2150. In this case, total move will be 50 points upwards. We can divide these 50 points with fixed ratio like 10 trades each having 5 points, totaling 50 points.

This means that 50 points move can be divided in intervals by fixed ratio, selection of intervals depends on historical suitability for any particular stock, currency, commodity or index. You can divide these 50 points in any size of intervals.  Nevertheless, we have to decide these intervals by checking historical references and facts.

In the same way but adding more to it; on different intervals of 50 points move, different set of fixed buy/sell combinations can be applied. So, market move and decision of buying and selling remains fixed and certain in our fixed logic system. It is without emotions, predictions, assumptions and feelings because we use deductive reasoning as compared to inductive reasoning. Since we apply pure mathematical formulas (PhD level), no traditional out dated technical and fundamental analysis are required due to introducing new, advanced and correct approach.

Building a fixed logic can have certain fixed move, ratio, price relevancy and average price flow and much more BUT all these things should be applied statistically in documented form and not by assumptions in mind.

Why fixed composite logic is only reliable solution to comprehend financial markets within pre-defined controlled manageable risk?

Why Fixed Logic Solution Must Be Applied?

This is very imperative question and here are logical reasons:

  1. Prediction is not possible by any technology of the world:

No technology of the world can predict the market. Predictions of technical and fundamental analyses have many errors and sometimes traders experience uncertain, big losses. Professional traders can easily understand the financial data and its effects on market move. Sometimes market move occurs according to data and sometime not. So, is it reliable to trade based on data? Answer is simply no! It is because; due to the data volatility of the market, analysis can be observed but it is not necessary that market will move according to a data.  This is why; historically fixed logic based solutions are imperative. I humbly proud to introduce such solutions which are not available in market due to self-invention after having years of research to filter most finest logics.

  1. Hundreds of financial factors are injected in markets, how to interpret them?

There are hundreds of factors that affect the market move. It is impossible to evaluate each one of them in a right way because we cannot rightly interpret information & news. All these hundreds of factors can be covered and adjusted by fixed approach of trading as these information have been part of markets since many long years and our function is to transform them statistically under fixed logic. So their interpretation should be made with highest accuracy.

  1. Timing of “market moves” has significant impact but how to know a right time?

Timing is another important factor and nobody knows timings of the move.  The strongest evidence for this element is that sometimes market moves fast in the mid night without any financial data and sometimes it moves in the morning abruptly and further sometimes with different time intervals it behaves totally diversified. European and American trading sessions are averagely ideal for good move.  Nevertheless, it is imperative to always remember that market can move more than European and American session anytime; and, historically it can be verified. So adopting fixed logic solves the issue of timing as well. When you apply fixed logic covering entire 24 hours a day then it makes you able to grasp any market move happening in any hour. Again fixed logic can solve the issue of timing as well

  1. How to comprehend changing mindset of monopolist elements?

There are many government supported financial lobbies and central banks that play monopolistic role to drive the market direction. They have the ability and control to create market move according to their own interests. Your all analysis can be failed and you cannot do anything. Our fixed logic analysis do solve the issue of financial lobbies’ monopoly because of above mentioned three conditions either market goes up, down or consolidates. All is needed to adjust it by fixed approach. The biggest advantage to do so is to rightly judge the mindset of monopolist by understanding their practical actions statistically.

  1. How to substitute traditional failed analysis?

Failure of fundamental & technical analysis is within these ten reasons. This is the reason; fixed logic solution must be applied.  Fundamental & technical analyses are very much common worldwide. Almost, majority of traders use them. If these tools and analysis work correctly, why most of the traders are losers worldwide? It is because; these famous and common tools and analysis are not reliable way of trading.  So, fixed logic is something modern and advanced form of trading to meet latest challenges. I have developed the trading system based on advanced fixed logics solutions, which are completely diversified and unique of their kind due to pre-defined certain probabilities.

  1. How to counter guess work based trading faults?

Predictions, assumptions and guess works’ based strategies cannot be accurately tested over the history. It is because; change in the mood and mismanagement of the emotions does interfere in decisions. Personal feelings and emotions without historical verification is the biggest factor of failure of fundamental & technical analyses or any personal assumptions based approach. Contrarily, fixed logic strategy can be tested without emotions and feelings as long as 5 years, 10 years or 30 years or even more. SO when it’s a matter to produce historical strategy performance report then fixed logic clearly helps while emotions and estimation based trading cannot.

  1. How to measure possible risk/reward of trades?

Certainty and uncertainty element is another factor which increases the imperativeness of fixed logic solutions. It is because; due to fixed logic strategy you already know the following:

What can happen with your trading?
What can be a possible loss?
What can be a possible gain?
When trading will be in profit after losses? Or what are exact combination of profits and losses and how to use it in your favors?
In routine way of trading, nervous system of traders becomes tense when they face loss. It is because; mentally, they are not prepared for it.  Contrarily, historically verified fixed logic strategy’s risk is always pre-defined and traders remain ready to accept it as a part of business because risk is already a well known factor of the fixed logic strategy.

  1. How to deal new upcoming future challenges and complications?

Future unknown possibilities can be also covered in fixed logic solutions. World has become very advanced and is becoming more and more innovative. There are many innovations that are accomplished to cover all future possibilities in financial markets.  In this scenario, you have two options and you have to choose one of these two. One option is; you must be well aware of all these innovations. For average individual, awareness of all these innovations is quite impossible or very tough and arduous job.  Second option is; you can cover all future possibilities through the approach of fixed logic financial strategy. Second approach is intelligent way of finding future possibilities.

  1. Permanently fixing the “market move” in three conditions.

There are only three possibilities in financial markets. Explaining it again

a. Market will go up;
b. Market will go down; or
c. Market will consolidate.

If you succeed to sum up these three conditions by adopting certain fixed way, it must be reliable and long lasting. It is because; there will be no fourth condition until a trading activity will remain alive on this planet earth. It deems simple; nevertheless, solving these three conditions in fixed logic requires higher level of experience and research.

  1. Conclusive importance of fixed verified composite logic:

Any sensible person can easily realize the imperativeness of fixed logic strategy instead of common, old and traditional ways of trading which causes the failure of 95% traders.

There are many more factors that reflect advantages of applying fixed logic. Only few prominent points are described here, a vast concept can be elaborated by exchanging cross discussion if one is interested.