You should seriously consider the following approaches and their importance

Old Methods & Predictions Based Strategy VS Predefined Verified Mathematical Strategy 

Predictions Based Strategy

Pre-defined Verified Mathematical Strategy

Trades are based on unverified thoughts

Trades are based on verified mathematical plan

Entering & exiting without verified plan

Entry/exist is 100% based on planned system

No money management ratio system as per account size

Each selection has right ratio of quantity, price and timing

Averaging (adding lot size) towards loss side

loss side is already pre-known and manageable

Cutting profits earlier and holding losing trades

Profits/loss trades have ideal balanced risk/reward

Confusion when account in loss

Confidence because of pre-known & pre-defined risk possibilities

No historical record to present

historical record having profits, losses and net gains bounded by timing factor

Recovery becomes confused & impossible after first 15-20% loss

Loss is just pre-known part of strategy and recoverable

Predictions are not verifiable over history

Verifiable plan in statistical form (not theory)

No clear concepts of stops and limits

Well defined and tested stops & limits

Excessive quantity of trades

Only selectively filtered trades at selective time

Market screen appeals to trade due to addiction

There is no such a thing

Changing plan everyday or most often

Following a certain plan and sticking to it

Overconfidence in profits, disappointment in loss

Confidence in all situations due to pre-known facts

Emotions drive your trading

Emotions cannot effect trading decisions

Greed, quick and easy way to make money

Mature, tested, verified and real way

No risk encountering plan, only expecting profits

Clear verified plan of all situations