Beginners Guide

Stocks/FOREX/Commodities Beginners’ Guide to Avoid Misguidance in This Industry 

Normally, fund managers and brokerage companies utilize e-mail marketing, Stocks/FOREX/Commodities websites and newspapers’ adds to induce investors to invest for higher and quick profits. According to their marketing practices, these fund managers and brokerage companies attract investors through beautiful words that promise profitable Stocks/FOREX/Commodities investment.

First interest of investor initiates when an investor who does not know aboutStocks/FOREX/Commodities business reads such an attractive advertisement about high profitable business. In result, investor contact these fund managers and brokerage companies with an intention of investing. If fund managers or brokerage companies are based locally, they invite investor to visit its office to know further information.

When client visit offices of fund managers and brokerage companies that advertise, they show computer screen showing euro, sterling, gold, crude oil rates from international markets as an impression – not as knowledge. Often, they say that they are highly expert of Stocks/FOREX/Commodities business.

They claim that by daily buying and selling of different commodities or currencies, an investor can make 2-5% daily and 40-80% monthly profits. They also provide live examples. For instance: they may claim that if you buy gold at $1350 and within same day and you close at the rate of $1360, you can make $100 in a single day. They also claim that they can advice investor about where to buy and sell foreign currencies and commodities. When an investor experiences this type of briefing, he/she feels that everything is valid and genuine and inclines his/her interest in making high income by doing Stocks/FOREX/Commodities investment.

We as always ensure that we provide professional and accurate advice to our clients. This way; they can know the reality of FOREX and commodities trade and can gain deep insight facts of financial industry to avoid anyone’s false assertions.

For investors, the biggest failure is to rely on fund managers or FOREX companies without examining authentic and solidly verified execution plans of them. Inexperienced investors are inclined to be convinced on basis of briefing and presentation of fund managers and brokerage companies. Inexperienced investors do not check that everything is practically based on professional merit because they don’t know about it and use their judgment on basis of attraction that they see in general way.

Sometimes, fund managers and brokerage companies present fake statements showing high profitable FOREX trading and provide fake list of clients showing that these clients are gaining sumptuous profits. Alas, most fund managers and FOREX companies practice in this manner to attract customers, especially in Asian countries and Gulf.  Nevertheless, all professionals are not in this way. You will find many honest FOREX and commodities trading firms. is proud to state that whatever we manifest to our potential clients is 100% genuine and can be verified by 3rd party.

The stage in which client investigates FOREX and commodities trading companies is very crucial.  There are two options for investigating FOREX and commodities trading companies. You have to choose one; therefore, it is necessary to understand both options at this stage.

First option is dangerous. It is to rely on fund managers and brokerage firms’ briefing only. They can present beautiful words that they deliver to mere allure and it will be completely disaster if you will follow them without the advice of professional consultant.

Second option is the intelligent route that you must take. It is to follow the complete path of procuring of all necessary and relevant details to commence and to ratify all claims that are delivered to the investor by fund manager.  The method of second option is depicted below in this article further.

If an investor likes to obviate the chances of becoming a victim and wants to start real profitable FOREX business, it is imperative that investor must follow our strongly recommended method.

The best method to ratify claims is to become a basic trader at first place. Becoming basic trader is not a tough job and is easy as 123. Any person can become a basic trader within 7 days only. Becoming a basic trader means; an investor must have ability to place buy and sell orders recommended by professional trader, who asserts that trades recommended by this professional are profitable. Investor task is to just follow trades given by professional trader and to check the realities live & practically. The following three wisdoms that an investor has to gain by practicing trading:

  • How to buy and how to sell?
  • What is stop and what is limit?
  • How to place stop and limit?

It is all about becoming basic FOREX trader. Aforementioned three wisdoms are very easy to gain. Any normal trader can teach these practices within few hours. An investor can practice for 1 week to ensure that he/she has basic trade skills.

When an investor becomes basic trader, he/she must ask following recommendations from fund managers and FOREX companies who claim that they achieve big profits in Stocks/FOREX/Commodities trading:

Question 1:  Which currency or commodity investor has to buy or sell and at which rates?

Question 2: Where to open and close trade?

Note: it is also consultant responsibility to update his/her clients about trading approaches, its mechanism of working and trade alerts. You should demand if one does not offer.

Investor must tell fund manager that investor will place orders with own hands to experience the truth. If fund manager will be real profitable trader, he/she will welcome investor and will start trial period to check his/her trades’ accuracy.  If fund manager will not be real profitable trader, he/she will try to impose on investor’s mind that investor is asking something that is not reasonable. Fund manager will try to assert that this business is subtle and fund manager has 10, 20 or 30 of years experience; therefore, fund manager can only control everything and investor cannot.

If this situation will arise, investor has to say that investor is only a basic trader and not professional trader. Deciding where to buy and sell is fund manager’s job. Similarly, simple testing of fund manager trades accuracy is investor’s job. Moreover, investor has to state that when to open and close the position. Deciding is a function of professional trader. On other side, investor function is only to place trades and check their accuracy. Furthermore, investor has to say that investor cannot decide when to buy and sell; nevertheless, investor knows how to check the accuracy of trades.

By having basic trading skills and by utilizing them, investor can easily differentiate between real and fake traders. In this business, investor doesn’t have to go on words, seminars, briefings and beautiful presentations. To be secured, it is imperative that investor only use real checking of trades’ accuracy with investor’s own hands.

Testing trial period must be 90 days. Learning, waiting and testing can save investor thousands of dollars. Some professional good fund managers and companies show their audits reports from reliable auditor company or show real account statement that is also most authentic way to check anyone credibility and claim of making profits.

When investor applies above mentioned method, it is surprising that investor can only find 2-4 reliable fund managers out of hundreds.  This way; an investor can completely avoid himself/herself from becoming victim of fake fund managers and Stocks/FOREX/Commodities trading companies. Every investor must be very cautious to enter in this business because it is hard reality that more than 95% of investors lose their precious hard earned money in this business while this business has also true potential to double investors’ money easily. Nevertheless, an investor has to follow trading merits and disciplines.

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