Becoming Fund Manager

World Most Competitive & Professional Training to Start a Fund Manager Career 

What is the offer of this workshop?

High Income opportunity by becoming a hedge fund manager in 1 month training

Start financial services career in USA, Europe, Australia, Japan and worldwide by this education

Becoming a fund manager is a most demanding and high paid job in the world

Get franchise from top performing fund managers of the world and join trillion dollars industry

Thousands of hedge fund managers around the world are already earning high level income

Learn Legitimate, verified & proven fund management sector by our professional training

Easy to start, quick, safe and realistic ways by accurate methods & advanced strategies

According to Wikipedia Global Fund management industry was 74.3 trillion dollars in 2015

Our 14 years of research work produces world best successful fund managers. Be a one of them

Learn essence of our experience and proven methods by live & practical examples

We have 14 years of track record with facts and figures of mathematical strategy

People from all age group and working class can join this training workshop

Limited time offer. Test your luck realistically. We provide best merits & standards of this industry

Why this workshop has highest level of success

1.       Our trading system is 100% mathematical, verified and proven

2.       We have 14 years of track record with facts and figures which cannot be ignored

3.       We have top rated quantitative approaches which is adopted by world major investment groups

4.       We have financial research organization who specializes in traditional and advanced trends of this industry

5.       We can responsibly offer highest legitimacy of performance

6.       We offer such a plan and strategy which is not available in the market

7.       No competitor can compete us because of solid, fair and realistic proposal, only those can compete who have real research & results.

8.       We have 14 years of specialized mathematical research to develop most successful trading strategies

9.       Trainer is a author of a book and has written many articles on important topics of this industry

10.   Trainer has already successful experience of conducting profitable workshops and seminars


1)) We will make you national and international fund manager

2)) We will teach you rare and unique information of this industry because of 14 years of experience & research

3)) We will recommend you those strategies which have proven track record

4)) We will ensure that strategies will work within the risk/reward ratio within certain defined time

5)) We will teach you marketing science and management of this proposal, so you should utilize maximum

1)) Introduction to the course (contents overview)

What does hedge fund manager mean?

What are benefits of becoming a hedge fund manager?

Is financial sector a real opportunity to make money?

What beginners should learn before starting this business?

What are incentives for fund managers? How fund managers make money

How to check authenticity of any fund manager or investment company?

Why most of traders fail in this business and its core reasons?

What are financial exchanges and how they work?

By how many factors the performance of hedge fund is measured?

What are investors looking for?

What are daily returns, average daily returns and annual returns?

What is standard deviation? A risk

What is drawdown? An absolute risk

What is sharp ratio? Risk/reward ratio

Overview of fundamental and technical analysis

Examples of common metrics of hedge fund by formulas

Traditional trading methods & our fixed logic mathematical strategy


Understand order types

Understand order book at exchange

Understand how buy/sell orders drive prices at exchange

Understand the basic infrastructure of an exchange

How brokers are connected to exchange?

What is two way market and mechanics of short selling?

How to develop successful trading system?

Why strategy testing is important in back history?

When you should be ready for real trading and real earning?

Prediction in financial market is possible or not?

Why traditional & fundamental analysis do not work?

Possible effects of popular well known analysis and private personal developed strategy

How anyone can easily recognize scammers on internet or by any source?

Fraud alert and anti scam guide by CFTC

Fixed logic concept of trading and its importance

Where to buy and where to sell plan

Money management concept or how to deal with risk area of strategy

Possible ways to check trading system by 10 years history

World most famous trading platforms

How to choose the financial broker?

How to open order, how to close order, what is stop, what is limit? What is leverage and its sensitive application?

Exercising the trading strategy with live practical examples

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