Our Company

Advanced Global Resources, managed by TopFundManagers.com, was conceived to give the average investor an option when it comes to managing and growing their money. We have been involved in market research, strategy development, and trading stock indices, commodities and forex for over a decade. Our overall goal is to provide steady growth over the long term, while minimizing risk in the short term. That is why our managed account program includes trading major market segments: Stock indices, commodities and currencies.

Our principles come from successful careers in both the financial markets and consulting, giving a combined perspective of the business of wealth management.

We have been involved in every aspect of the financial market for over 15 years: Equities trading, commodities officer, quantitative research, system development, and management for numerous forex managed funds.  We have successful consulting experience, having been President/COO of a $500 Million/year business. We have also traded stocks, bonds, futures, and traded along side of some of the world’s best known traders. We have also participated in hedge funds and traded with internationally known hedge fund managers.

In Summary, our goal has always been to provide a quality fund management offering, with an attractive rate of return, but with an every present appreciation for risk identification and mitigation.

Michael L Myers Introduction (Partner & Business Manager)

M Zubair Badar Introduction (Quant Researcher & Developer)