3 Ways To Verify Our Results

What we talk and say we prove it. Many internet websites claim good results about commodities & forex managed accounts but they don’t offer themselves for reliable verification and professional testing. You can judge us by the following ways.

1st.  We update trading statements regularly at the website. Statement is reliable source of understanding that how we succeed and what our risk/reward ratio is. Anyone can check trade by trade profit and loss statistics. Many websites brief you a lot but they don’t prove their performance. We are always committed to be transparent for our investors and trading clients.

2nd. Some people are much doughty and they don’t believe on statements, although our statements fittingly represent our trading system and we show statement from most reputed broker of the world like forex.com, but no worries we have another solution for these types of people. We have Google group where we send our daily trades for our clients. Minute by minute record of trades recommendation summary is available day by day and month by month. Whatever we did in the past is presented in Google group history. Anyone can open charts and match our trades what we recommended at specified time of any specified date in the past. So Google group is most authentic and smooth way to judge our trades accuracy.

3rd. We believe above two points are much enough to observe our trading results but still we have super solution, if anyone who want to test us live then we recommend to contact us and we will add his email address in our Google group. After becoming a member he/she will receive our daily recommended trades LIVE. After 1-2 months everything will be clear. When anyone looks with their own eyes then there is no option to reject. We always say come, see and decide on merit, so let’s join our continuous profit community and start reliable & profitable trading life.

4th. We have also started WhatsApp updates to know our latest performance, news and other announcements. We send these updates once in a week or twice in a month (we hate spam). Please send your name, WhatsApp number at info@topfundmanagers.com to avail this service.

Due to presence of many internet forex scammers, it is necessary to check authenticity and reliability of any trading or investment offer. We have given detailed information to handle these sensitive concerns but still we will welcome any good suggestions to improve our ways of authentication.